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Brand Cafe advertising agency in Hermanus offers creative solutions for your business

Our business partners are an integral part of what we offer to our clients. Branding goes beyond logos, good designs and clever campaigns.

There are many touchpoints between a brand and its audience, from accounting systems to IT infrastructure. As a partner, we trust that your business will benefit from the expertise of our partners in the areas they specialize in. 


Rachel Farrell
Director / Principal Consultant

Elevate your brand with FFC.

In today's digital era, LinkedIn® is paramount for professional networking and brand promotion. Mere professional on platform presence is not sufficient; a comprehensive brand strategy is essential.

FFC specialises in maximising your LinkedIn® presence and offers a full branding cycle for digital success.

Our approach:

  1. LinkedIn® Profile Optimisation: We craft personalised strategies to position your company as experts in your field. Prioritising Company Page optimisation on LinkedIn® is foundational for overall brand success and engagement.

  2. Seamless Additional Services: Brand Strategy, from logo and website design to business and marketing collateral creation, we offer services to complement your LinkedIn® strategy and boost engagement.

  3. Clear, Concise Messaging: Our brand strategy ensures consistent messaging, at all touch points. Our services drive your brand towards growth and success.

Elevate Your Brand with FFC: Partner with us to unlock your brand's full potential on LinkedIn® and beyond. Contact us today to transform your brand.

Simplistic Accounting Pretoria logo for Xero accounting software

Joanne Coetsee (CA)
Managing Director

Helping you create the financial future you deserve.

We focus on your accounting, so you can focus on your business and enjoying the lifestyle you are creating.

From analyzing your business processes to providing support in all areas of accounting management. You can rest assured, knowing your accounting and tax compliance systems and processes are in the hands of professionals.


Here’s why you should be outsourcing your accounting:

  • To thrive and excel in today’s business environment, you need to have the freedom to focus on your core business.

  • Distractions, no matter how small, can slow company output and revenue generation, meaning you lose your competitive edge.

  • Legislation updates constantly. If you’re not on top of the latest edits and insights you could be in run the risk of incurring serious penalties.


Would you like to speak to us about your brand?

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