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LinkedIn® Profile Optimisation


Elevate your professional presence on LinkedIn® with our tailored optimisation services.


At FFC our mission is to empower you to achieve your long-term career and B2B growth goals, through the optimisation of your LinkedIn® profile. We specialise in alleviating the overwhelm, confusion, time and anxiety that often accompany the process of updating and improving your profile.


Our goal is to provide you with a profile that fills you with pride and confidence when sharing it. In today's fiercely competitive business world, LinkedIn® stands as a pivotal tool for professionals. Recognising its significance, FFC is dedicated to guiding you in unlocking the platform's full potential to your advantage.


Well-versed in each facet of LinkedIn® optimisation, we ensure that your profile stands out, facilitating more meaningful opportunities, conversations and engagements. A finely tuned LinkedIn® profile is your gateway to increased visibility and accessibility.


A strong LinkedIn® profile unlocks opportunities, highlights your value, and connects you globally.

By improving your profile, you enhance your chances of being discovered, while earning favour with the platform’s algorithm, leading to increased reach and visibility. Our collaborative approach focuses on aligning your profile with your specific LinkedIn® objectives, resulting in a profile that resonates with your target audience and leaves a lasting impression.


A meticulously optimised profile by FFC, not only improves your visibility but also positions you positively with recruiters, employers, industry leaders and potential business partners.  As LinkedIn® seamlessly integrates with Google's search algorithm, your optimised profile is a driver for professional success.


With FFC clients worldwide from Dublin to Dubai, South Africa to South Australia and everywhere in-between, our personal, proven approach transcends boarders.


Connect with & follow us to unlock the full potential of your LinkedIn® presence.



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About Rachel Farrell

Director / Principal Consultant

Rachel Farrell is a seasoned LinkedIn® professional with over 20 years in consulting, the last 14 of which, specialising in recruitment and candidate sourcing. Her career centres on fostering meaningful connections, targeting passive candidates, building a solid professional network and collaborating with top decision-makers to fulfil their strategic needs.

As a successful recruitment consultant and dedicated headhunter, Rachel reviews thousands of LinkedIn® profiles monthly, making her an ideal guide for optimising your personal profile. She understands the strategies employed by talent seekers and business growth professionals, and will tailor your profile to address them. 

Rachel is a strategic sourcing specialist who can work with you to leverage the LinkedIn® platform to achieve your business/career goals. She understands the value of having a clear, organised, focused profile, which will attract the attention of your desired audience.  

Rachel's approach, enhanced by her experience as a sourcing consultant, emphasising the value of a polished, professional, visible LinkedIn profile.  Her mission is to free up your time and mental bandwidth for other critical aspects of your job search/business strategy. Her optimisation efforts will enhance your marketability, approachability and on-platform presence.

Let's customise your optimisation to align with your current career goals and position you at the forefront of recruiters' searches.


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